Thursday, 25 August 2016

Jersey Tiger in Aylesbury

I had my first ever Jersey Tiger moth in my Aylesbury garden trap last night - maybe they are moving north from south Bucks, or perhaps a migrant? I also had a late Maple Prominent, maybe second brood, also my first Centre-barred Sallow - autumn is virtually upon us!  Dave Maunder
Jersey Tiger Moth, 25-8-2016

Centre-barred Sallow, 25-8-2016

Maple Prominent, 25-8-2016


  1. Seems the Jersey Tiger decided to head North rather than further West. Despite being in Henley area for some time now still never seen one only a little way West. Great catch Dave.

  2. It's the aberrant f. lutescens with the yellow underwings, as well.


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