Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Large Ranunculus, Large Wainscot, and Burnished Brass

My garden trap last night attracted 91 moths of 24 species. The top three were Large Yellow Underwing (22), Willow Beauty (18) and the first Lunar Underwings of the year (11).
Like Marc, I also saw my first Large Ranunculus of the year.

Other new for year moths were Red-green Carpet, Black Rustic and the Large Wainscot below.

Finally, one of my favourite moths also turned up last night - a Burnished Brass (f. aurea). Not only is it an attractive moth that shimmers in the light, but it also sits quietly while you take its photograph.

Steve Trigg, Cookham


  1. Do you normally get Willow Beauty counts like that Steve? Reason I ask is that I don't, but I have been this year over the last few weeks. Quite a few bi/multi voltine species seem to be having quite good second/third broods e.g. Brimstone, Common Marbled Carpet and Lesser Treble Bar all of which i have noticed in far greater numbers recently than in previous years and which were in very low numbers earlier in the year.

    1. Hi Marc, I agree that Willow Beauty is around in unusually high numbers at the moment - 18 is the most that I have trapped on a single night (the majority on the outside of the trap rather than in it). It seems to have taken over from Brimstone which peaked a couple of weeks ago (23 on one night) but is now on the wane (only one last night).

  2. The Burnham Beeches RIS trap is getting good numbers of Brimstone, but the winner by far is Snout, of which there have been good numbers for several weeks. Most are noticeably small.

  3. Regarding the Burnished Brass, keep a note in the comment about the join (or lack of it in this case) between the 2 metallic bands as we probably have 2 species in this country. A joining band of over 3mm means it is a candidate for the other species. tbc.


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