Sunday, 30 October 2016

Same difference?

After reading the lugubrious warnings in Waring, Townsend & Lewington, I don't really want to have much more to do with the Epirrita. But if you can answer this question just from my pics, are all these four residents of this morning's trap the same species - eg November moths?  Martin Wainwright aka Baffled of Thrupp, Oxon.  PS  While going the extra mile, can anyone hazard a guess as to the battered visitor below?  A Wainscot of some kind is my best shot. Also in the trap: a very fresh-looking Common Marbled Carpet and three long-lasting Large Yellow Underwings.


  1. Trying to identify Epirritas from wing pattern is a minefield Martin, but you can get out your hand lens and look at their octavals, with the help of a fine dampened artists paintbrush. Nearly all that come to light are males.

  2. I think your mystery noctuid could be a Setaceous Hebrew Character, Martin. I've had three or four over the past week, all on their last legs.

  3. Many thanks, both. I fear I'll have to leave the Epirritas to it! All v best, M


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