Saturday, 10 June 2017

Two checks

Hello again. The moths are coming thick and fast. May I just check on these two which I am hazarding to be Udea lutealis and Willow Beauty.  The latter is the first moth I've ever found resting on my Robinson trap's carrier strap. All warm wishes  Martin Wainwright Thrupp Oxon.


  1. I'm afraid I'm not absolutely sure what either of those two are, Martin. I don't think the first is lutealis but it is too washed-out to be sure of what else it could be. Anania fuscalis, which always looks washed-out, would have been my first choice but then the basic wing shape doesn't seem quite right. You don't give an indication of size for the second one and the wings are not open quite wide enough to see the central spot on the hind-wing, but I'd tend towards Pale Oak Beauty even though without much confidence!

  2. Thanks very much Dave and sorry for lack of extra info. On the second one, the webbing in the pic is the strap of the Robinson moth trap which I'll go and measure and report back. There was another very similar moth in the trap itself of which I have a pic, so I'll email that to you too. Thanks for all your help as ever, M


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