Friday, 14 July 2017

A couple of queries from Longwick

I stare at the Thorns with some interest as I have never knowingly seen a September or August Thorn here. The moth below looked interesting but on balance looks like a very un-dusky Dusky Thorn? Dusky is by far the commonest in my garden.

Also I think I have Gypsonoma Minutana ?- a very attractive little moth. Finally is the third example a small Cnephasia or another tortrix? It was 7-8mm in length. Immigrant interest is still ticking over with a Plutella Xylostella on Wednesday evening.


  1. I agree with Dusky Thorn and think you are correct with Gypsonoma minutana, but it is not a species I'm familiar with so perhaps someone else would like to comment.
    Not much to go on with the last one. Might need the chop.

  2. I had my first Dusky Thorn of the year in the garden here at Westcott last night too, just over a week earlier than I've ever had one before. I also agree with Gypsonoma minutana and I'm sure the last one is, as you suggest, just a faded Cnephasia.

    Plutella xylostella x 2 and Nomophila noctuella x 2 in the garden here last night but no sign of any more interesting migrants!

  3. Many thanks both. Hopefully the Bedstraw Hawks are closing in!


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