Friday, 21 July 2017

Few Longwick queries

The wind appeared to have had some impact as numbers seemed a little down. A fresh Ypsolopha Dentella is always an attractive sight but apart from two Silver Y not too much else of note.

I have a few queries. The first is a minor species which is noticeably rufous and about 10mm long. The second is I assume just a Riband Wave but a seemingly small and somewhat non-kinked variety? And the third is another one of those pesky Pyrales - is it a washed out Udea Lutealis? F/L 12mm.

Comments welcome as always. Like Dave, Longwick doesn't seem urban enough for the likes of Toadflax Brocade - although with several proposed house building developments surrounding my house I sadly may get it soon.

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  1. The top pair are Cloaked Minor and Riband Wave, while the bottom one appears to me to be a rather worn Udea lutealis.


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