Friday, 7 July 2017

Good Garden Night

74 macro species and 71 micro species came to light in the garden here last night so I suppose that counts as a 'Good Night'!  The macros included another new addition to the garden list, a wandering Fern, while new for the year were Slender Pug, Plain Pug, Round-winged Muslin, Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing, Cloaked Minor & Slender Brindle.  Micros new for the year-list were Swammerdamia pyrella, Metalampra italica, Gelechia senticetella, Monochroa lucidella, Helcystogramma rufescens, Acleris holmiana, Acleris variegana, Agriphila selasella & Sitochroa palealis.

Fern, Westcott 6th July

Slender Brindle, Westcott 6th July

Metalampra italica, Westcott 6th July

Monochroa lucidella, Westcott 6th July

The previous night (5th July) brought Ypsolopha sequella, Ypsolopha scabrella, Agonopterix liturosa, Dark Umber, Black Arches & Dotted Fan-foot.  Like Richard Ellis in Chorleywood, my trap was graced by a visiting Garden Tiger that night although this was actually the second of the year, the first having appeared on the 3rd.

Garden Tiger, Westcott 3rd July

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks   


  1. I wish I'd get some of your regular moths down here! Fern is regular here, there's one in the house at the moment.

  2. Also, what method do you use for photographing your moths? Do you have a light source on them? And do you just use the fridge to slow down the frenetic species?


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