Monday, 10 July 2017

Surprise Clearwing in Longwick

Having taken my Red Tipped Clearwing pheromone on a trip to Thorpe Park with the kids (I've seen them there before!) I hung it in the garden rather than put it back in the freezer but was rather shocked when two moths actually turned up! That is now four Clearwing  species in what is a fairly mundane bucks garden! I am always struck by how much cream they have on them which doesn't feature in the guides.

I would also appreciate advice on a few other moths - the first some form of Pyrallid, a small Monochroa ?, a Bucculatrix / gelechid (which I cant get to appear here the right way round for some reason!) ? gelechia senticetella? and finally oegoconia quadripuncta (or is not possible from a photo only?). Help  very much welcomed.

Migrants are still ticking away here with rusty dot pearl, diamond back and three rush veneer in the last few days.
Best wishes.


  1. There's hope for Red-tipped Clearwing in my garden yet, then! I've had the lures out even more regularly than normal this year but only Currant has appeared so far (I've also had four species in total here, the others being Yellow-legged, Orange-tailed & Red-belted).

    Of your queries, the top one looks like one of the two Delplanqueia species and would need chopping to confirm 100% (although D. inscriptella is favourite and seemingly now quite widespread in the Chilterns). The next is a Monochroa and possibly M. lucidella. Then you have the upside-down Bucculatrix nigricomella, followed by a Gelechiid which might be Gelechia senticetella and an Oegoconia which would need chopping to get to species.

  2. Thanks Dave. I have had orange tailed and red belted this year so far. the problem one is Currant as I think it died out with some old bushes and the new ones I have planted haven't been colonised! yellow legged has never arrived here - there's only one oak close by so I would have to hit the right day spot on if they exist at all there.

    The Bucculatrix has fooled me before I think as the photographs on line look a variety of colours from cream to white to metallic. As I have only recently started looking in earnest at micros there are still a lot of new ones to see! Two recent garden firsts are phtheochroa inopiana and what I think is eucosma obumbratana which I assume have come from local chalk / damp areas respectively?


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