Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Marlow Bottom 28/08

My first trap for a while produced two new species for my garden list, a Cypress Pug and Stenolechia gemmella.

No migrants seen, but Mocha has obviously had a good breeding season, with 7 in the trap my largest count ever here.  Maybe that's why one wandered into Mr Wilton's trap? 11 Dusky Thorn, nice to see this moth back in good numbers, 9 Clay Triple-lines and 2 White-point. A female Small China-mark was only my second in the garden following a male earlier in the month - maybe they have taken up residence in the garden pond, plenty of duck weed in that! Also nice to see an Old Lady in the trap, as I don't get too many to light. As expected, Yellow Underwings and Square-spot Rustic made up the bulk of the catch.

Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom

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  1. There are only 6 Bucks sites for S.gemmella, so well spotted.
    Cypress Pug has been spreading in Bucks since 2008 (there was a one off at Marlow in 1991) and there are now 18 sites for it.


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