Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Carpets etc

Red-green carpet.

Common carpet to join John's


Frosted orange

   Two fairly late specimens?
Yellow shell and Magpie.

While these Crambidae can be difficult to separate, 
the snout and beautifully clear markings suggest
Eudonia lacustrata to me.

Alan Diver,


  1. Hi Alan, I think your top moth is another Common Marbled Carpet, the third looks like Lesser Yellow Underwing and the bottom like Eudonia angustea.

  2. Adam is correct, Alan. Two different forms of Common Marbled Carpet and then Lesser Yellow Underwing (not Rustic). The final one is indeed Eudonia angustea which, unless you are in woodland where truncicolella might occur, must be just about the most common scoparid around locally at the moment. Its very narrow, pointed fore-wings make it (almost!) unmistakeable.


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