Monday, 17 February 2020

Common Quaker

Common Quaker came to light 13/14 Feb.
(What is the convention about dating a find?
Is it the date you put the trap out, or the date you check it?)

Alan Diver


  1. Hello Alan,

    The convention is to record moths for the date when the light is switched on, so the start of a particular night's trapping session rather than the end of it.

  2. Hi Alan, On the main BC website there is a page called How to Record Moths ( On this page there is a link to the Moth Recorders Handbook, and this states (page 2):
    "For light-trapping records, the convention is that the date should be the
    one on which the trap was switched on, even if the moth arrived after midnight, or if you check the trap the next day."


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