Thursday, 7 November 2013

Winter is here

After a couple of very chilly nights when numbers were down to just three or four individuals, 6th November was wet but several degrees warmer for the early part of the night and a pleasing 34 moths of 14 species came to the actinic light here at Westcott, BucksPhyllonorycter messaniella (5), Acleris schalleriana (2), Udea ferrugalis (1), Red-green Carpet (4), Winter Moth (1), Feathered Thorn (7), Dark Sword-grass (2), Sprawler (5), Grey Shoulder-knot (1), Red-line Quaker (2), Yellow-line Quaker (1), Angle Shades (1), Large Wainscot (1) & Silver Y (1).  Migrants, albeit the same few species, are continuing to appear but the only new addition to this year's garden list was the first Winter Moth of the season.  DAVE WILTON 

Silver Y, Westcott

Winter Moth, Westcott

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