Friday, 31 January 2014

Moths by 10km square

Inspired by Dave's presentation of the Bucks species per 10km square, here is another view of the data for both Berkshire and Buckinghamshire - you should be able to click on the squares and see the number of species recorded in that square, and you can zoom in and see what locations the squares cover. To see a larger version of the map click here.

Red, pink or yellow means the square could do with some more attention (often these are squares on the county boundaries, and some would be filled in if the Oxfordshire data was added to the map).
Martin Harvey 

Red square = up to 100 species
Pink square = up to 200
Yellow square = up to 300
Blue square = up to 400
Green square = up to 500
White square = the square in which Steve Nash used to trap! (506 species)

View Macro-moth species per 10km square in a larger map


  1. Just a quick note for anyone who has come to this page via Twitter and might perhaps get the wrong impression - we're talking about macro-moth species only here!

  2. Can you produce a micromoth one too? Or maybe a combined version?

  3. Being still a relative newcomer to mothing, can I ask is it possible to get at the list of species behind this? "My" square is on 399 and it'd be great to be able to raise it up to "green" :)

  4. The figures used for Bucks are from the beginning of 2013, Dave, so the chances are that SU99 has already "turned green". However, I'm sure your county recorder would be more than happy to supply a list for that 10km square!


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