Saturday, 18 January 2014

Woodland is the place to see moths now

Last night's weather seemed quite suitable for moths up until midnight so I ran the actinic trap in the garden here at Westcott, Bucks and got a Pale Brindled Beauty for my trouble.  That takes the garden list to three for the year (Agonopterix heracliana and Acleris hastiana having made appearances at lit windows over the previous week).  I also took the Robinson trap into some local woodland for a few hours from dusk and Spring Usher was out and about in some numbers (about 30 were caught), while Winter Moth, Pale Brindled Beauty, Satellite and Chestnut also put in appearances.  The picture below illustrates part of the catch, just in case anyone had forgotten what egg-boxes containing moths look like!   Dave Wilton


  1. A well - chosen night, Dave, and a good few moths made it worth the effort! Must try this soon.

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