Sunday, 2 November 2014

Larvae reared recently

I have had varying success with some species recently; I had 8 Barred hook-tip larvae feeding ok from eggs obtained from a female caught in the Chilterns back in September, but when they went to pupate in a silken cocoon on the Beech leaves they just seemed to shrivel and die for no apparent reason. I also have around 20 Square-spotted clay larvae still feeding on Ribwort plantain, slowly but surely, and I'm hoping to force these through to moths this year - according to Porter this can be done if they are kept in warm conditions. Moths in my garden trap have just about dried up here in Aylesbury, and the weather doesn't look great for the next few nights. Dave Maunder
Barred hook-tip larva, looking remarkably like a Beech bud - great camouflage!

Barred hook-tip larva, 5th instar, 11-10-2014

Square-spotted clay larvae, 4th and 5th instar, 30-10-2014

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