Friday, 14 November 2014

Last Chance for Migrants?

Despite all the rain, last night's southerly winds and warmish temperature looked quite promising so, to prevent soggy egg-boxes or the trap floating away, I ran the actinic light inside our conservatory here at Westcott, Bucks to see what it brought to the windows.  Eight species turned up, including my first December Moth of the season.  The only migrants were Plutella xylostella and Udea ferrugalis but it will probably be worth trying again over the next couple of nights in case anything else was blown this far inland.  Dave Wilton

December Moth, Westcott 13th November
Udea ferrugalis, Westcott 13th November



  1. A nice specimen of Udea ferrugalis, Dave; not run my garden trap recently, but have noticed a couple of Winter moths appearing over the last couple of days, and found a female Brick moth at Fairford leys shops today, so still a little moth activity.

  2. Hi Dave, still getting a few things here, Red-green Carpet, Feathered Thorn & Sprawler being the most regular. Way back on 25th October I found a Northern Winter Moth in the RIS trap at Marsh Gibbon so that's something else to keep your eyes open for.

  3. I see that last night (16th) Richard Ellis had a Blair's Mocha in Chorleywood so there are indeed still a few interesting migrants about. Six species came to my garden trap but the only migrants were a pair of P.xylostella!


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