Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Question re determiners

Sorry to put this up on the blog but I'm hoping for a quick answer. I'm trying to import my 2000 or so records into Mapmate via a tab deliniated file.

If I try and put in a record the normal single entry way it's telling me the determiners I'm putting in are new - basically there doesn't seem to be any names in the list apart from me - surely the likes of the people on this blog are already on the system? The alternative seems to be to put you in as recorders - which it may not take without your locations.

I must be missing something?


  1. Martin Harvey is THE Mapmate guru, I'm sure he will reply.

  2. Hi Mark, in your own copy of MapMate you will need to input those names yourself. They can, if necessary, be entered with the Location as 'Unknown' which is quite acceptable to MapMate. Just to complicate matters, if you do input a Location then it needs to be in your list of Sites as well!

  3. Well, I might be *a* MapMate guru! But guru Dave has got in first, and I agree with what he says. It's up to you whether you attach a location to your own name in MapMate, but if you are entering other people then I would follow Dave's advice and enter their location as "Unknown location" to avoid any problems with data protection and privacy issues. "Unknown location" is set up in MapMate as a standard location so you should be able to find that one in already.

    If you are importing records from a text file it will simply create new entries for any recorder/determiner names that aren't already in your system (and it will assign them all to "Unknown location"), so the easiest thing to do is just to go ahead with the text import.

    For lots of info on using MapMate see the BSBI website at:

  4. fantastic, thanks all. I probably have spent more than a day changing formats, standardizing field entries but that was the last issue before import so fingers crosed apart from the inevitable nomenclature changes and typos I should be good to go. Happy new year all.


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