Saturday, 6 December 2014

Your Records Are Important!

Yes, your records really are important.  We have only another two years of recording before the cut-off date for the UK moth atlas due to be published in 2018.  For those who have yet to do so, now is the time to get your records for 2014 up-to-date and passed on to your County Moth Recorder.  Many of you will have done this in previous years and will already know in which format they would prefer to receive them (eg as a MapMate sync file or in an Excel spread-sheet), but for those of you who haven't it would be helpful if you would please contact your CMR first and ask.  Even hand-written records would be better than none at all, but it is important that you know what to include.

VC 22 (Berkshire)
Martin Harvey for all moths

VC 23 (Oxfordshire)
Martin Townsend for macro-moths
Martin Corley for micro-moths

VC 24 (Buckinghamshire)
Martin Albertini for all moths

Remember also that their areas of responsibility are divided up according to the Watsonian Vice-County system for biological recording which basically uses the counties as they were prior to the political boundary changes of the 1970s.  The main differences between then and now relate to Berkshire and Oxfordshire (VC 22 Berkshire includes much of present-day South Oxfordshire, the River Thames acting as the boundary) and the fact that the area around Slough and Eton comes under VC 24 Buckinghamshire.  However, don't worry too much about this because the CMRs are quite used to shuffling records around between each other!  The map below gives a rough idea of the Vice-County boundaries.

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