Thursday, 1 January 2015

Admin: A Year On

Happy New Year everyone,

Now that boring December is finally out of the way and 2015 has arrived, so the interest level should perk up a bit as we start all over again with a clean sheet, not knowing what is going to turn up.  For me at least, 2014 was an excellent year so let's hope that the next twelve months bring us all an equally interesting and varied collection of moths!

As far as the Blog is concerned I think 2014 also proved to be quite a successful year.  We've had more than 800 posts and just short of 70,000 page-views in the twelve months it has been running.  However, it would be good if we could see a few more people taking part.  Even amongst those of you who have signed up there are several who have yet to contribute - your sightings will always be of interest!  We are aware that many more people view the blog than contribute to it but if any of you who record moths within Bucks, Berks or Oxon and haven't yet 'joined' would like to do so, please do get in touch (see the 'Getting Started' tab).  We can have up to 100 contributors and we're barely halfway there yet.  For anyone (signed-up contributor or not) who would like to add a post or comment on one but would rather not do so themselves, I'll happily upload a contribution on your behalf if you send it to me by e-mail at the admin address (burnhamlodge at gmail dot com). 

To try and re-inject a little bit of the competitive spirit which was lost when the moth reports were transferred from the BC Upper Thames Branch website to this Blog, I'm currently looking into how we might manage bringing back the 'First Sightings' page, at least for macro-moth species.  Watch this space...

Dave Wilton     

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