Thursday, 1 January 2015

First moth of 2015 ---

A solitary Winter moth was found below a porch lamp in Fairford leys, Aylesbury - a rather dull, worn specimen, but at least it's something!   Dave Maunder


  1. does that not make it technically the last moth of 2014? ;)

  2. Moot point! If it was a daytime find then I think we can let Dave get away with that one. Best I could do was some Blue-bordered Carpet eggs on blackthorn at Otmoor this morning!

    1. Found it at 10.30am this morning, so I think it counts!

  3. During a drive to Thame and back just as it got dark last night (1st) the headlights picked up at least four moths along sheltered sections of road (one noctuid, two probable Winter Moths and one larger geometer which was probably a Mottled Umber), so there were a few moths out and about despite the wind. All the garden trap here at Westcott had to offer, though, was a single Winter Moth. Still, that's my account opened for the year.


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