Sunday, 18 December 2016

Acleris hastiana

I had this Acleris hastiana on Friday night, a new moth for my life list. Northants moth group have its status as rare in the county, i was wondering what its Buckinghamshire status is?

Apart from a Scarce Umber on the 2nd December and a Rusty-dot Pearl on the 14th Dec, everything thing else has been expected. Winter Moths, Mottled Umbers, Dark Chestnuts, E postvittana, December Moths, Bricks, Red-line Quakers, Feathered Thorn and Satellite are the December species trapped.

Year end totals Macros 218, Micros 132.

Darren Seaman, Miton Keynes

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  1. Hi Darren, there are 170+ records for Bucks so reasonably common and fairly well spread right across the county. It is more of a woodland moth really but I do get it regularly in the garden here, most often as an adult brought out of hibernation if there's a mild spell between January and April.


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