Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Beautiful Plume in Mursley

I saw a small plume moth fluttering around a clump of snowdrops this afternoon. I managed to pot it and in order to get a photograph, I placed it in our freezer. The intention was to leave it there for about 5 minutes to slow it down, but a phone call led me to leaving it for about 15 mins and sadly it was dead when I took it out. I had a good look at it under the microscope and keyed it out using Hart, 2011. British Plume Moths to be Amblyptilia acanthadactyla, Beautiful Plume. I have plenty of Hedge Woundwort, Lemon Balm and various species of mint in my garden, so there are a number of options for the larvae. It seems very early and Hart says "Spring records are few, so it appears that many adults do not survive the winter".

Mick Jones

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