Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Double figures, and a Dark Chestnut?

My Cookham garden trap can never match the numbers found in Westcott, but I have now managed to reach double figures. 14 moths of 9 species in last night's trap, of which only 1 was a micro - a single Emmelina monodactyla.
The macros were Oak Beauty (1), Pale Pinion (1), Hebrew Character (3), Clouded Drab (1), Common Quaker (2), Small Quaker (3), Early Grey (1), and finally what I think is a rather worn Dark Chestnut - picture below.

Steve Trigg


  1. Yes to Dark Chestnut and that's quite an acceptable selection of moths, Steve! Shoulder Stripe, Early Thorn & Engrailed seem to me to be having a very good season so I'm sure you'll pick those up soon too. I find that Shoulder Stripe usually needs searching for on vegetation or nearby fencing. I had six here last night, none of them within six feet of the trap.

    1. Thanks Dave. Shoulder Stripe is a moth I have yet to record in my garden, so that is very useful advice about searching the area away from the trap.


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