Sunday, 19 March 2017

Red Sword-grass at Lavendon, Bucks

It is only 6 months (22 Oct 2016) since I posted a record for someone else of Red Sword-grass.
This time it is a record for Geoff Moss, found in his trap this morning 19 March 2017 at Lavendon which is only about 2km from the Northern-most tip of Bucks and about 60km from last October's record at Chorleywood.  This record will bring the Buck moth database records to five, of which three have been in the last three years.
Thanks to Geoff for supplying the record.

Martin Albertini


  1. It all seems to be happening in the far north of Bucks - two more Small Eggars this week at the same site which produced a singleton the week before and now this Red Sword-grass. I wonder if someone will find Concolorous again up there in June?!

    1. ...or, come to think of it, maybe even the (mostly) day-flying Four-spotted which was last recorded in that part of the world 14 years ago.


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