Monday, 24 February 2014

First micro

My first micro of the year arrived last night - mild but blowy - on the shield of my Robinson trap at Thrupp, Oxon: I hope I'm right in identifying it as a Common Plume.

Inside the trap was this scruffy Satellite, my first of the year, and a Chestnut; positively crowded conditions compared to the one-at-a-time pattern which previously held good.  Martin Wainwright


  1. If you look at the tibial spurs on the hindleg, the pair nearest the body are of different lengths in monodactyla. I can't see yours, but it does look the ticket.

  2. Many thanks Peter, that's most helpful and I see the point on a couple of other, rather blurry, pics I took. Good luck with your amazing ID work on the littlies!


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