Thursday, 6 February 2014

Kitchen Pug

My wife found this in the kitchen today. Sorry for the poor image, it seems almost irridescent. Several pugs had similar colouration but they all seem to be Spring/ Summer fliers. I'd love an ID.

edit, hopefully a better pic taken in natural light.  Mark Griffiths


  1. I'm afraid not too many people will be raising their heads above the parapet when it comes to ID'ing Pugs, Mark. They really are difficult enough in the hand, let alone from pictures! Size can sometimes be a great help, though, so when you take a picture of (any) moth for which you need an ID, try placing a ruler next to it. This has a hint of Common Pug about it but it is difficult to be sure, even from the second picture. Double-striped Pug (which this isn't) is occasionally found early in the year but none of the others should be flying now.

  2. Dave, thanks. I still have it and it's 20mm from wing tip to wing tip.

    Looking at the pictures I think I'd agree about it looking like a Common Pug, it might be a bit different as it's emerged in the winter.


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