Sunday, 9 February 2014

Old pictures for ID

hi, just been going through some old pictures and I have a few unidentified ones from several years ago, taken at the porch light. I'd welcome IDs. thanks

The first one was June 2007 and the other two are from August 2009. Sorry about the really blurred 3rd shot, I just found it in a picture I'd taken of a burnished brass and noticed it hiding in the corner!


  1. The top one is probably Foxglove Pug although my track record for separating Toadflax/Foxglove Pugs from pictures is not that good so someone else may care to comment! The middle one is Willow Beauty and the lower one is an Oegoconia species, probably O.deauratella although it would need a better picture (or dissection really) to be absolutely sure. Please don't forget to 'sign' your posts (see Guidelines tab)! Dave Wilton

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  3. too quick on the publish button! thanks Dave. I suspect it's a Foxglove Pug, we had foxfloves in the garden and the pic seems to be from June.

  4. There's 2 factors at play for id'ing the pug. Firstly the black basal patch, which is incomplete in the Toadflax and complete in the Foxglove. Secondly the median band kinks just before the costa in Foxglove and is more evenly curved in Toadflax.
    Flight time can be misleading, in Riley he says the Toadflax flies from May to September, peaking in June and the Foxglove April to August, peaking late June. Yours is a Foxglove Pug.


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