Monday, 17 February 2014

Spring moths in Finemere woods

I had my first outing with my new portable trap to Finemere woods on Sunday 16th February, with quite reasonable results considering the temperature dropped to 3-4 centigrade and clear skies! Using a 15 watt actinic bulb with a Skinner trap i got :- Small brindled beauty (5); Pale brindled beauty (7); Spring usher (12); Dotted border (12); Chestnut moth (1), and Tortricodes alternella (4). I took a bit of advice from Dave Wilton and checked nearby Oak trunks where i found a pair of mating Pale brindled beauties, a Chestnut moth and a Spring usher (male). Anyway, i was pleased i made the effort!   Dave Maunder


  1. Does this mean you are going to come out to play more this year?

    1. I may well do, Pete - hope to catch up with you somewhere local when you,re around!


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