Monday, 16 March 2015

A couple of recent moths

Not in the trap, which hasn't yet emerged from the shed, but a small dark brown micro that had found its way into my car and was fluttering against the window on my commute last Thursday (12th).  Obviously a caloptilia sp, but when I arrived at my destination I had a chance for a better look and found that it was Caloptilia semifascia.  Not uncommon in my garden in Marlow Bottom and had presumably been enticed out from the winter by some milder weather.

The other was an Orange Underwing, which braved a rather cold morning last Saturday (14th) on Stoke Common, right next to a large stand of Silver Birch.  You can just about see the unfeathered antennae in this shot - I've blown the picture up at home and it looks like the fairly typical serrated looking antenna.

Adam Bassett

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  1. Excellent to catch Orange Underwing on the ground - I'm very rarely that lucky! I saw a maximum of six today (Friday 20th) around the tops of the ancient birches in the Oakley Wood car-park at Bernwood Forest, Bucks. Checks of the aspen at two local Light Orange Underwing sites (Kingswood and Rushbeds) produced no sign of the moth so it has presumably not been tempted out yet.


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