Friday, 13 March 2015

Confirmation and ID please

After about 2 weeks of trapping in my Benson Garden caught my first moth yesterday, an Hebrew Character. Strangely it was keeping company with a Ruby Tiger caterpillar. Three moths in the trap this morning, an Hebrew Character and the two pictured here. After not seeing a moth for so long I don't trust my identifications. Fairly sure the first is  a Grey Shoulder-knot but the second???
Very grateful for Confirmation and ID if anyone can help.
Tom Stevenson


  1. I would think Grey Shoulder-knot and Clouded Drab, Tom. I'm jealous of the Grey S-k - I've never caught one.
    Andy King.

  2. I agree with Andy. It will soon be worth keeping an eye open for the slightly smaller Lead-coloured Drab if you've got poplars/aspen growing locally. They need to be prodded into life so that you can inspect their antennae: those of the male Lead-coloured Drab are very obviously feathered, whereas those of the male Clouded Drab are "pectinate" (viewable under magnification) but to the naked eye appear unfeathered.


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