Sunday, 29 March 2015

Mursley moths

Apologies for idiot questions, but I didn't start trapping in my garden until late May last year so finding moths now that are slightly puzzling. I think these are a very worn Common Quaker and a Chestnut (though it doesn't quite match illustrations I've got). I've also had a number of Hebrew Characters and Early Grey.

Many thanks
Mick Jones


  1. Hello Mick, no need to apologise! The first does look like a Common Quaker which has seen better days but the second is a smart Clouded Drab (quite a variable species but also larger and a different shape to Chestnut).

    1. Thanks Dave. I completely see what you mean about the shape - must look more carefully! Not sure I'd ever have got to Clouded Drab from Townsend & Waring, but I can see it from the new edition of Manley.


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