Thursday, 26 March 2015

Re: Small Eggar

So what's this glow-stick then Marc ? Large numbers near sallows is not unusual but it wasn't that warm on Friday night. I've come on the site to ask if anyone local to Oxford has an ALS 15w actinic that I could look at or you could give customer comments on as I'm mulling over possibly retiring my 2 6w ones as they are rather long in the tooth (ideally by just replacing the electrics), but are Heath traps about to be/have been revolutionised ?

You may have an eternal virus but you are also the eternal optimist ! In case anyone else isn't aware, Small Eggar hardly comes to light even in places where it is relatively common. In Oxfordshire the best area for it seems to be around Burford/Witney way. The larval tents are of course very obvious.
Martin Townsend


  1. Martin:
    Check out Paul Batty of Sheffield. He makes various traps and also wiring set-ups.
    He's not expensive.
    Andy King. .

    1. Thanks Andy I had a brief look at that site the other day and have just had another longer look. There certainly appear to be some good options there.

  2. I use Paul Batty and can recommend him though his web-site is rather poor. I use a 40W actinic of his which you can come and look at if you want Martin (I live in central Oxford). I would be interested in learning more about Marc's "glow stick" light though.

  3. Come on chaps - I read Marc's 'glow-stick' reference as simply a descriptive term for what a 6w or 8w actinic looks like to the uninitiated, not some new secret kind of trap!!

  4. You never know, Dave, you never know----The truth is out there............
    Snap, Adam: I use one of his 40W actinics in the garden.
    It might be worth noting, Martin, that Paul batty will make up what you ask for, within reason; it doesn't have to be 'off the shelf'.


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