Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Suspect leafmine found on Disraeli's Patio

During a trip to Hughenden Manor today, I spotted some Hart's Tongue on the terrace at the back of the house - the plants looked half dead, but having seen Neil's post about  Psychoides verhuella , I had to take close look and found a couple of suspected leafmines, one of which I accidently knocked over. I couldn't actual see any larvae due to lack of glasses and being lashed with gale fuelled rain, I couldn't really get a good photo. Would welcome any comments.
Robert Payne


  1. Looks good to me for one of the two species, Rob, but you'd really need to see the caterpillar to tell whether it is Psychoides verhuella or Psychoides filicovora. Looks like an excuse to go back in better weather ....

  2. Cheers Dave, might try to go again in a month or so - or at least when the Easter egg hunt is over!!!

  3. Go back in early May Rob, collect a suspect leaf and then keep in a closed container until the moth emerges some weeks later (usually early June).


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