Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Clouded Drab

Garden trap in Didcot still collecting flies and little else with no moths in 2016 so far. Ventured out to do first field survey on regular site in Sutton Courtenay last night leaving two MV traps out overnight. Sum total of moths in both traps exactly equal to sum total for garden so far in 2016, a big fat zero. However, in the luscious roof-top habitat at work (CEH Wallingford) I did manage my first moth for 2016 and it was not what I would have expected - Clouded Drab. This has to be the earliest I have personally ever recorded this species. Marc Botham, Didcot

Clouded Drab, Crowmarsh Gifford VC23, 24-01-2016


  1. Using a torch last night walking the dog just before midnight, I saw more moths than I'd caught in my trap the previous mild night.

  2. If it isn't down to habitat then maybe its a case of Actinic versus MV at the moment. My actinic at Westcott brought in four moths last night (A.heracliana, Pale Brindled Beauty, Early Moth & Common Quaker). Grand total of nine species in the garden so far this month - nothing to get excited about but that's nearly double the number recorded in all of January 2015!

  3. Could be. I've given in trying to work out what's going on at the moment. It's not unusual for urban gardens to be awful throughout winter period and I'm not sure I did any better last year - in fact just checked and only had 3 postvittana and Scribipalpa costella. However, it has been so mild I expected more this January and certainly expected Early Moth at Sutton Courtenay. Did not expect Clouded Drab anywhere just yet but it's been such an unusual winter I think many of the early spring species think winter's long gone.


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