Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My Garden Stats

Interested by Daves figures i thought i'd do the same to see how i compare to his garden. Obviously no where near but still good for a 25x15foot garden.

Garden moth species 2015: 318 (206 macro, 112 micro)
Garden moths total (2012 to 2015): 406 (267 macro, 139 micro)
New moths for garden 2015: 66 (11 macro, 54 micro)

Highest macro totals 2015: Large Yellow Underwing (707)
                                            Hebrew Character (248)
                                            Heart and Dart (216)
Highest micro totals 2015: Chrysoteuchia culmella (202)
                                            Epiphyas postvittana (188)
                                            Acentria ephemerella (160)
Best night was 22nd August for number and species (203 moths, 50 species)
Total moth count 2015: 5,828 moths.

Best moths of the year were,
Macro: Small Marbled, Tawny Pinion and Bordered Straw(x3)
Micro: Gelechia nigra, Gypsonoma oppressana and Gypsonoma minutana.

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes.

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  1. Hi Darren, that's quite an acceptable result from such a small urban garden and using only an actinic. Being so close to Howe Park Wood means that your potential list of species could eventually be quite good so I imagine you've got quite a few years yet before the growth of your garden list starts to slow down!


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