Monday, 25 January 2016

New Year starts - ID please

I managed to find a Chestnut - can't decide from the wing shape if this is a Chestnut or Dark Chestnut - can someone confirm?

Then a March Moth and what I'm assuming is an Acleris literana out from hibernation. If so I think it's a new one for me.

Mark Griffiths, Garsington, Oxford


  1. Looks like Dark Chestnut to me, Mark.

    There's no doubt about Acleris literana either - that's a smart-looking moth when fresh. As an aside, I note from the micro-moth field guide that there seems to be a Bucks-shaped hole in the miniscule distribution map and, on checking with John Langmaid's maps on the Moths Count website (, see that it is indeed supposedly "missing" from Bucks, the only such county south of Scotland! Strange, because there are actually about 50 records for vc24 dating back to 2002. Roll on the National Micro-moth Recording Scheme...

  2. Dave, that's interesting - is there an index for those maps - I'd like to check a few for VC23

  3. Indeed there is - click on the link shown on the right ("Micro-moth distribution maps").

  4. There may not be a dot on the map for Bucks, but if you look at the pdf and look at the page below the map you will see that VC24 (ie Bucks) is listed.

    1. Pointless if it doesn't appear on the map itself - which is why it was missed in the micro book. I should also ask why the 1971 record appears to be missing from the Bucks database? As I said before, roll on the National Micro-moth Recording Scheme, when hopefully all these anomalies will be sorted out once and for all!


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