Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Down to earth

Much less numerous last night (well, it's not as though 14 individuals was a huge haul for the 3rd, but it was better than expected), with the only issue the rather undistinguished micro below: I'm thinking 'Cnephasia sp.', but if anyone knows better, do let us know.

Steve and Xander Goddard

Rather drab unknown micro, 4/4/16


  1. The general size and shape (and in particular the palps) point towards this being an Agonopterix. The image is rather too dark to be sure but it could be a poorly marked A.heracliana out of hibernation. I suspect you've guessed already (!) that the only way to be sure would be via dissection.

  2. Thanks, Dave - I suspected as much, and really just wanted to check whether there was something obvious I'd missed. I think it goes down as one that got away.


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