Thursday, 7 April 2016

Live updates on Berkshire moths

For the Berkshire moth records we have set up a new 'activity' page on iRecord that shows all the moth records from the latest two weeks - this means that it can be used a bit like the "what's flying tonight" websites, but it's based on live data that gets updated as soon as the records are added to iRecord.

Click here to see the activity page, and you can choose from four different tabs:
  • Summary - overall totals and map
  • Species, which shows all the species recorded in the last two weeks,and can be sorted to find out which species has the most records etc.
  • League tables - a bit of fun if you like that sort of thing!
  • Trending - also a bit of fun, but includes a selection of the latest Berks moth photos that have been added to iRecord

For further info about this and other Berks moth activity pages see the Berkshire Moth Group website.

I think these activity pages are a great way of keeping up to date with what's happening in the county, but they do of course only show the data that is being added to iRecord. A substantial proportion of Berks moth records come in to the county database via other routes such as MapMate and via spreadsheets - that data is not shown on iRecord. For now, iRecord can only offer a partial view of moth recording in the county, but it has the great advantage of updating 'live' every time a moth record is added.


  1. Thanks Martin for this information. As a resident of VC22, I shall certainly take a look at the activity page every so often. I couldn't help noticing that under trending Marc Botham's name appears in the largest font!
    I also noticed that iRecord provides common names for the micro-moths. I had no idea that Agonopterix ocellana is sometimes referred to as Red-letter Flat-body - what a name!

    1. It is the fact that iRecord uses those ridiculous names for micros (...and in the trending list it is only those names without the associated proper name) that has put me off using it for life!

    2. I must admit I'm beginning to quite like them, the ridiculousness is part of the fun! (And they are of course properly linked to proper scientific names in the underlying data.)

  2. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've tried a few times today and the link causes Safari on my Mac to crash.

    1. Hi Nigel, I've not heard other reports of iRecord being problematic on Safari/Macs, but will ask if there are any known issues.


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