Sunday, 24 April 2016

Very slow

As I fear it is in most places!. Just thought I'd put something on. 3.1 degrees last night with some rain. Only three turned out, but nice to see this Pale Tussock even if it is common.
Steve Lockey (Garsington)


  1. At the moment I think most of us would be pleased to see anything that wasn't an Orthosia, Steve, no matter how common a species it might normally be! My garden count currently stands at 41 species, 28 of them macros. Up until the end of March things were ticking along normally - a quick look back over the previous ten years shows the average here to be 21 macro species by 31st March and that's exactly how many I'd seen. It is this month where it has ground to a halt, but things are sure to improve eventually.

  2. I don't have a history of past years that is as comprehensive as that as I'm very new to this fascinating game. However,given a few more years who knows?. Only 15 species here and some of those are common indoors micro's.

  3. Anything new would be welcome at present. Having caught 71 moths of 7 species on 2nd April things looked promising but it has been downhill ever since with a catch of just 5 Hebrew Characters last Friday. Total for the year stands at 15 species - all macros. The forecast for this week doesn't look too hopeful.

  4. count yourselves lucky, I'd be happy with any moths. 71 moths in one night is more than I've had total all year in my Didcot garden and that's running my trap every night :(


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