Tuesday, 20 September 2016


1st Blair's Shoulder-knot of the year for me in Didcot last night along with my first Large Ranunculus of the year of which there were three. Lunar Underwings not yet in any decent numbers and still haven't had any of the Sallows in the garden yet. Did have a nice Orange Sallow at work a couple of nights ago, but numbers of moths generally are still desperately low. Marc Botham, Didcot

Blair's Shoulder-knot, Didcot, 19-09-16

Two of the Large Ranunculus around the trap, Didcot, 19-09-16

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  1. Haven't had Large Ranunculus here since 2011 so it would be nice to see it in the garden again! Bit of an improvement here last night with 25 species, including 13 Lunar Underwings, so it looks like things might be starting to pick up again.


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