Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Mixed-up Moth

Despite nice warm weather moth numbers seem to be getting lower in my garden and I am struggling to push double figures with number of species some nights recently. 'Away' trapping not much better either with my regular monthly surveys at SCEEC and Bagley Wood completed over the weekend turning up very few moths and nothing of much interest. First Oak Lutestrings of the year turned up as expected at Bagley on Saturday 10th along with my first Barred Sallow of the year, and had my first Brown-spot Pinion of the year in Crowmarsh Gifford last night. Otherwise my main entertainment was this awesome looking gynandromorph Large Yellow Underwing caught in my Didcot garden trap - the beige left being the female half. This mixed-up moth was a welcome change from the hordes of other LYU's in the traps at the moment. Marc Botham, Didcot

Gynandromorph Large Yellow Underwing, Didcot 11/09/16

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  1. Well spotted - not sure I would have noticed as most of my Large Yellow Underwings are just faces staring out at me from egg-box crevices!!


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