Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Nicotiana finally works

Last year I diligently planted seeds of Nicotiana (free packet in British Wildlife) in the vain hope of attracting Convolvulus Hawk-moth (Agrius convolvuli) for National Moth Night.  I nearly did not bother this year, but I was short of something to fill a space in the garden so planted some more.  Well last night they finally did the business and I've now added this beauty to my Garden list.

It is a bit bashed, and initially I thought it was a Pine Hawk, but the red stripes on the body in this shot give it away.

Also in the trap last night was this rather smart moth which I can only assume is Silver Y (Autographa gamma f. gammina), rather than anything more exotic.  If anyone thinks it might be something else, please let me know!

Neil Fletcher, Walter's Ash, VC24


  1. Nice one, Neil!

    And yes, just Autographa gamma I'm afraid!!

  2. I've been told that someone has also found a Convolvulus HM at Kingston Bagpuize this morning. I'm trying to get more details.


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