Saturday, 24 September 2016

Riverside Mothing

Tried a new site last night, on private land on the banks of the Chess at Chenies, with Messrs. King and Payne. With the clear skies, it became noticeably cold down there, and with the mist rising from the river, there weren't as many moths as I would have hoped.

New for my year as adults were Herald, Black Rustic and Barred Sallow. We also found the caterpillar of Dot Moth, and started looking for leaf mines due to the lack of flying insects (there were a few bats and owls though).

Andy has id'd the leaf mines, with the best of the bunch (OK, new for me at least) were Phyllocnistis saligna, Phyllonorycter viminiella (both on Crack Willow) and Stigmella regiella on Hawthorn.

Dave Morris, Chenies.

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