Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Slight improvement here in Longwick

Whilst the trap was dominated by the usual big-hitters for the time of year a few more autumnal species are appearing here such as Large Ranunculus, Angle Shades and Black Rustic, whilst the Dusky Thorns keep coming. A Rush Veneer added a bit of migrant interest.

I was concerned that the bad weather might put paid to a second generation of Clepsis Dumicolana but a small number are appearing once again.

A Caloptilia species appeared last night also. I appreciate the photo is poor (Courtesy of an I-Phone) but does the black spot on the costa make this populetorum?


  1. ...and I thought my pots were dirty!!

    I think we can safely rule out populetorum because the basic shade of brown is too light and it is clear from your image that the cilia (wing-tip fringe) are white. Not a safe ID from that picture but I suspect it is actually syringella.

  2. Your pots are dirtier than mine (which is strangely reassuring). Yes, favourite a likely one is syringella.


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