Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Treble-bar and Copper Underwing checks

First of all I have included this small micro (less than 4mm in length) just in case anyone is able to help. Caught on 5th September.

Secondly I finally managed to get hold of this rather worn Copper Underwing and wondered if the spread of the orange colour on the hindwing was sufficient to identify it as Svensson's?

Finally following recent discussions about Treble-bar/ Lesser Treble-bar identification/abundance I thought I had better check the single one I caught on 31st August.

Andy Newbold, Sibford Ferris, Oxon.


  1. I'll pass on the small Gelechid. Your Underwing looks like Svennson's and your final one is a Treble-bar. For those that puzzle over the Copper Underwings still, note this one has a slightly blurred edge between copper and fawn, and this fawn area has a slight coppery tinge. That said, it's pretty tatty, so this could all be deceiving!

  2. Thank you. It is good to have the Treble-bar confirmed. The copper colour was even clearer on the actual specimen than is evident in the photo so Svennson's looks likely.

  3. ...and as for the first picture, unfortunately there's very little to go on! The palps suggest something like an Elachista so possibly canapennella if it really is that plain and hasn't just lost its scales, but that's pure guesswork.


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