Friday, 23 September 2016

Westcott, Bucks

The moths at this time of year are hardy individuals and even though the temperature fell to 5C last night they were still arriving at the trap when I secured it just before dawn.  21 species appeared, including Barred Sallow and Dusky-lemon Sallow (a slightly deformed individual) which were new for the year list.  Dusky-lemon Sallow appears here without fail several times each season but the garden is still the only place in Bucks that I've ever seen it despite a lot of away-trapping across the county at this time of year.

Lunar Underwing has quickly become the most numerous species in the garden with 44 individuals caught last night.  Amongst the others was Bright-line Brown-eye, a moth which does sometimes have a partial second brood at this time of year although I personally haven't had a September record of it since 2010.

Dusky-lemon Sallow, Westcott 22nd September

Bright-line Brown-eye, Westcott 22nd September

A further look at our young hazel three days ago produced a second leaf-mining species, this time Phyllonorycter nicellii (another new one for the garden list!) whose tell-tale mines are on the underside of the leaf although they leave a characteristic pattern on the upper surface as shown in the image below.

Mine of Phyllonorycter nicellii on hazel

Dave Wilton
Westcott, Bucks 

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