Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Micro help

On friday night i had a micro which i think is Acleris hastiana, on Saturday night i had another very similar moth that was slightly different, i think its Acleris cristana but i would like to know what the experts think. Excuse the pics, i think its time for a new camera! A cristana would be new for garden and new for me.
Poss A hastiana
Poss A cristana
A Ferrugana/notana
Also had an Acleris ferrugana/notana, looks just like notana thats in the field guide. Is there anyway to tell the difference or do they need the chop. This is new for my garden and new for me.

My first Hebrew Characters arrived on Monday night, won't be long before the rest get here!

Darren Seaman, Milton Keynes


  1. Hi Darren, from that image the top one does look like hastiana but it might be worth getting it checked if you still have it, just to be 101% sure. I agree that the middle one is cristana, though, with its more obviously concave wing leading edge. For ferrugana and notana I'm afraid they do need chopping to separate. In Bucks you are ten times more likely to get ferrugana, but you never know...!

  2. Thanks Dave, unfortunately I don't have the hastiana but i did keep the ferrugana/notana. It probably is ferrugana as there's not many birch or alder around here for notana, but my trap sits right next to a sallow, which ferrugana uses and there were some webbed together leaves back in late Autumn!


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