Friday, 17 February 2017

Late starter

At last, I have trundled into action (although I did have two hopeless nights in January when damp and chill kept all moths away).  Last night saw three Pale Brindled Beauties stay, two on the cowl and one in an eggbox. I hope for more arrivals tonight, when the trap will be perched on top of the compost heap.

By way of a diversion, I got sent the picture below of a friend's trap in action. Does anyone recognise where it is (and to be helpful, it's not in the Upper Thames area, so you haven't missed it on your everyday travels).

Martin Wainwright, Thrupp, Oxon


  1. With the daffodils out already and that lump of rock in the background, I'd hazard a guess at somewhere near Penzance, Cornwall!

  2. Sorry Dave, keep trying. But I should have said that the pic isn't current so the daffs are misleading, Apols M

  3. Oh well! How about the other end of the country, then - Lindisfarne?

  4. Hooray! Well done. I will report back on their findings after we see them later this week. All v best again; I must go back to identifying (or trying to) a small and largely grey micro...


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