Monday, 3 December 2018

Double-striped pug?

Haven't put trap out for a few days but found this Double-striped
Pug on inside of bathroom window 1st December.
Don't see how it could have got in from outside,
might it have emerged inside?

Alan Diver


  1. I think youve got a micro there Alan. Alucita hexadactyla (Twenty-plume moth) Could have come in from outside as the books tell me they can occur all year.

  2. It is indeed Alucita hexadactyla. In his book on the plume moths, Colin Hart starts his text on this species by saying "This small moth is often found indoors in autumn, and cannot be mistaken for any other species as each of its wings is split into six plumes...". Maybe you've proved him wrong, Alan!

    Seemingly common wherever there's honeysuckle, it hibernates through the winter and your specimen will no doubt have been looking for somewhere to settle down for the winter.

  3. Thanks both. Makes perfect sense now! Clearly my mistake, not Colin's.

    I'll find a quiet spot for it indoors!


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