Saturday, 21 December 2019

Psychoides filicivora

I found a Psychoides filicivora in the cloakroom this morning - a new species for me and one (along with P. verhuella) that I had been looking for earlier in the year amongst the many ferns, including Hart's Tongue, that we have in the garden. It seems that they can be found late in the year, but even so, this seems a tad late.

Record shot through the pot, as it was quite flighty once potted. It was also lit slightly as the day is so grey, so the purple sheen shows quite well.

Adam Bassett
Marlow Bottom

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  1. Hi Adam,

    Unlike verhuella, it seems that filicivora can be found in any month of the year (have a look at the phenology chart on the Hants Moths website) so I don't think a December record is a problem. I really must get some Hart's-tongue Fern for the garden here, having not seen either species in its adult form!


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